About us


Somewhat of a 'local institution', the Palmerston, (formerly The Lord Palmerston) has been serving Lordship Lane in South East London for over 160 years. 
Numerous incarnations over the years have brought together young & old, diners & drinkers, rich & poor, middle class & working class, creating a unique hub full of memories, loyalties, debates and friendships.
The Palmerston has broadened its reach in recent years and we are proud to say that 'All are Welcome': our new brunch bar in the originally tiled Mosaic Room; the intimate Private Blue Dining Room on our first floor; our newly decorated and beautiful Green Dining Room with original open fireplace, or our Main Bar, serving a large selection of Wines, Beers, Whiskeys & Cocktails.
We hope you, and all our guests have a splendid experience here at The Palmerston, so you will always have a compelling reason to return to us.
Daniel Bromley - General Manager
Mark Gambles - Head Chef